Shooters at Beaudesert on 06May2018
Two VIS FS Stage 1Two VIS FS Stage 2Two VIS FS Stage 3Jeff DAY TR Stage 1
Jeff DAY TR Stage 2Lindsay SCH FO Stage 1Lindsay SCH FO Stage 2Bruce TAL FS Stage 1
Bruce TAL FS Stage 2Ron MIL FTR Stage 1Ron MIL FTR Stage 2Ron MIL FTR Stage 3
Tim DAN FS Stage 1Tim DAN FS Stage 2Steve ROS FS Stage 1Brian DRY TR Stage 1
Brian DRY TR Stage 2Lawrie BER FS Stage 1Lawrie BER FS Stage 2Pete BRO FO Stage 1
Pete BRO FO Stage 2Greg BUR TR Stage 1Greg BUR TR Stage 2Greg BUR TR Stage 3
Mike WIL FTR Stage 1Mike WIL FTR Stage 2Mike WIL FTR Stage 3

Dates shot and recorded at Beaudesert
17Mar2019 10Mar2019 03Mar2019 24Feb2019 17Feb2019 10Feb2019 03Feb2019
27Jan2019 20Jan2019 13Jan2019 06Jan2019 03Jan2019 30Dec2018 23Dec2018
09Dec2018 02Dec2018 28Nov2018 25Nov2018 18Nov2018 04Nov2018 28Oct2018

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