Range: Beaudesert Date: 08 Jul 2018
Shooter: Deb SEL (41002) Range/Target: 700Y / ICFRA
  Beaudesert Rifle Club Firing Point/Disc: A2 /FO Stage 1
Shot Score DFC X Y TOF
S1 3 448mm -281mm 349mm 834mS
S2 4 179mm -1mm -179mm 826mS
1 5 129mm -77mm -104mm 837mS
2 6 81mm -79mm 19mm 839mS
3 6 48mm -44mm -19mm 2834mS
4 4 175mm 159mm 72mm 819mS
5 5 102mm 6mm 102mm 821mS
6 5 150mm 150mm -12mm 824mS
7 5 153mm -124mm -89mm 832mS
8 4 206mm -206mm -18mm 831mS
9 4 289mm -251mm -144mm 833mS
10 5 110mm -94mm -57mm 817mS
Score: 49-0 Averages: 996mS
Std Dev: 554mS

Elapsed Time: 7 mins 50 secs

Group Details Diameter: 409.8mm Height: 246.5mm
MPI X: -55.9mm Y: -25.1mm

Shooters at Beaudesert on 08Jul2018
Two VIS FS Stage 1Two VIS FS Stage 2Three VIS FO Stage 1Four VIS TR Stage 1
Five VIS TR Stage 1Deb SEL FO Stage 1Deb SEL FO Stage 2Ron MIL FTR Stage 1
Henk DOG FS Stage 1Henk DOG FS Stage 2Tim DAN FS Stage 1Tim DAN FS Stage 2
Ryan BIS TR Stage 1Geoff JAM FS Stage 1Jerermy HOP FTR Stage 1Shanice DAN FS Stage 1
Shanice DAN FS Stage 2Nikki BRO FO Stage 1Nikki BRO FO Stage 2Pete BRO FO Stage 1
Pete BRO FO Stage 2Catherine JON TR Stage 1Rob HAY TR Stage 1Rob HAY TR Stage 2
Ivor DAV FS Stage 1Ivor DAV FS Stage 2Ivor DAV FS Stage 3Russ BEN FS Stage 1
Russ BEN FS Stage 2Greg BUR TR Stage 1Greg BUR TR Stage 2Mike WIL FTR Stage 1
Mike WIL FTR Stage 2

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