Range: Beaudesert Date: 23 Sep 2018
Shooter: Ron MIL (41433) Range/Target: 700Y / ICFRA
  Murwillumbah Firing Point/Disc: A1 /FTR Stage 1
Shot Score DFC X Y TOF
S1 3 438mm 351mm -263mm 842mS
S2 4 233mm -189mm 137mm 850mS
1 6 71mm 39mm -59mm 846mS
2 X 39mm -23mm -31mm 844mS
3 6 73mm -39mm 62mm 843mS
4 4 188mm -179mm -57mm 845mS
5 5 138mm 121mm 66mm 833mS
6 4 327mm 264mm -193mm 851mS
7 5 105mm 47mm 94mm 842mS
8 6 44mm -2mm -44mm 845mS
9 6 76mm 49mm 58mm 840mS
10 4 166mm 94mm 137mm 837mS
Score: 52-1 Averages: 843mS
Std Dev: 5mS

Elapsed Time: 9 mins 13 secs

Group Details Diameter: 443.5mm Height: 329.4mm
MPI X: 37.0mm Y: 3.2mm

Shooters at Beaudesert on 23Sep2018
Two VIS FS Stage 1Five VIS FO Stage 1Seven VIS FO Stage 1Seven VIS FO Stage 2
Eight VIS FS Stage 1Eight VIS FS Stage 2Ron MIL FTR Stage 1Henk DOG FS Stage 2
Henk DOG FS Stage 3Mike SAM TR Stage 1Mike SAM TR Stage 2Vic BUR FTR Stage 1
Tim DAN FS Stage 1Tim DAN FS Stage 2Ryan BIS TR Stage 1Brian DRY TR Stage 1
Pete BRO FO Stage 1Rob HAY TR Stage 1Rob HAY TR Stage 2Greg BUR TR Stage 1
Greg BUR TR Stage 2Greg BUR TR Stage 3

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